Mano-a-Mano: Eve Kendall vs. Vesper Lynd   5 comments

Like a She-wolf of London, her hair is perfect, makeup immaculate, eyes brilliant. 

I’m well dressed and seated in the dining car as the train sways back and forth on the way to some destination where mis-adventure awaits.  Ms. R strolls in wearing that killer red dress that always makes my throat muscles slacken and my jaw fall agape.  I force a smile as she glides into the other side of the booth never losing eye contact with me.  I am perhaps a little embarrassed that she already knows that I think she’s awesome.  It’s all in my eyes, you see. 

This is not an accidental meeting.  She planned it all along.  

Quickly!… order up a bottle of Social Lubricant– yes, that will calm the nerves.  She may be easy, but she is not cheap– it had better be a damn good bottle.  Hell, she’s not that easy either.

The waiter brings over a wine list.  You feel her eyes on you.  You gulp and sigh.  Did she see that?  You know she did.  Pinot Noir would be good.  It will go well with her trout or your lamb.  Ah, something Burgundian!?  Wait, that might be too predictable.  Perhaps something more Oregonian, instead? 

Watching North by Northwest for the umpteenth time followed a few days later by the Bond film, Casino Royale, I was struck by one interesting connection between the two: the dining car scene, which is where the magic starts.  For Roger Thornhill (Cary Grant) it’s Eve Kendall (played by Eva Marie Saint).  And there is Vesper Lynd (played by Eva Green) playing point-counterpoint with James Bond (Daniel Craig) on that high-speed train.  What is it about Eves and Evas?  I’m smelling some forbidden fruit.  We realize that from the moment we are seated across from each other.  But that won’t stop us from having a little dinner, right?  After all, just sitting there, my mind in overdrive, I’m burning up more calories than is really decent to admit to.  A man has to eat to keep up his strength…  

Hitchcock costumed his characters in an understated and muted palate of grays, blacks and whites.  That is until he drops Eve Kendall  into that red and black dress.  But that dress is no match, for the more buxom, Vesper Lynd’s attire.  A similar approach is employed in Casino Royale– a sea of black formal wear parted when that purplish, burgundy colored number is unveiled.   Ah-wooooooooh!

Both of these ladies sport a kick-your-dashing-ass-if-you mess-with-me attitude.  That combination makes them consummately dangerous.   Could you choose one if you had to?  You already know how this works. 

Today’s Mano-a-Mano matchup features two nefariously good Pinots.  One from the Northwest, umm, Pacific-Northwest, specifically Oregon, and in a nod to Monaco and Parisian native, Eva Green, the second from Burgundy.   

I don’t need to choose amongst the ladies or the wines.  I’ve got Ms. R– dark and mysterious in her own way in that red dress.  And we have two bottles to share and explore.  Dare I kiss and tell?  Only about the wines.  The rest up to your imagination… 

"I'm Eve Kendall. I'm 26 and unmarried. Now you know everything."


"I'm the money" "Every penny"

If you want to check out clips for these two dining car scenes, just click on the photos. 

Pascal Marchand Avalon Pinot Noir Bourgogne 2009 ($21).  A typically pinot bouquet with hints of florals .  A more reserved approach to the fruit.  Strawberry fruit and graphite with an acidic backbone.  A nice wine.  Rated **1/2

Lundeen Pinot Noir Reserve Willamette Valley 2008 ($29).  The label says these are “HONEST, HANDCRAFTED WINES” And they really mean it– the vintage year was hand stamped on the label.  I love that.  But I love what’s in the bottle even better.  Starting off with a bouquet that was quite similar to the Pascal Marchand Avalon, the similarities ended there.  Lush raspberry fruit comes forward with a softer acidity than the Pascal Marchand.  Finishes with supple tannins.  This is a producer to watch.  Rated ***1/2

Bottom Line: both of these wines are like soft kisses.  The Lundeen is just a little bit softer and more sensual.

"You don't mind if I leave my loafers on, do you?"

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5 responses to “Mano-a-Mano: Eve Kendall vs. Vesper Lynd

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  1. The moment I saw Daniel Craig, I stopped reading … ;D … naah…of course I finished reading your post, which is always an interesting read 🙂

    Razel Rull-Navarro
    • I know what you mean– Eva Green pretty much does the same for me. Shame she couldn’t survive into the next picture. Oops! Did I give that away? C’mon it’s a Bond film– all serious love interests MUST die.

      Anyway, the pictures don’t do justice to the on screen interactions that take place between these characters. Did you click on the photos for the video links?

      You tell me which scene is better. I think it’s a toss up.

      Thank you for the kind comments.

      • I loved Casino Royale, Daniel and Eva were both hotties and the on-screen chemistry was just undeniably sizzling 🙂 Well, there you go….I think I gave you my answer as to which scene is better. I admit it, I’m biased a bit coz I am in love with Daniel Craig 😀

        You’re right….all serious love interest must die when it’s a Bond film.

        You’re welcome 🙂

        Razel Rull-Navarro
  2. Seems we have kindred spirits of a sort, as both of these movies (Ladies) have been favorites of mine. I first saw Eva Green in the “Dreamers” with Michael Pitt; an excellent existential movie which so fits the French scene.

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