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A Cautionary Tale Scattered to the Winds…   2 comments

Venn Vin Diagram

Who hasn’t nursed that longing pang for the second bottle? 

I have always said that the 750 ml bottle is too small for two winos, errrr, Sybarites, such as Ms. R and myself.  After one of those insufficiently sized bottles has been drained of all that is good, all that is right, all that is just, we pathetically gaze at the empty.  Our eyes lock and those insightful, albeit less than lucid, minds of ours naturally turn to considerations of what might be lurking in the wine rack… 

A smile creeps out of the corner of my mouth, she arches her eyebrow:

“What do you think?”, say I. 

“Muerto, quieres misa?!”, she responds. 

(Roughly translated– “Dead Man, do you want a mass?!” which is another way of saying that a person desperately needs/wants something that is obvious.)

The nefarious fun is about to begin! 

The waves of regret can wait till morning…  

We never learn… Like Hemingway, we are fearless in the moment. 

This is what Great Weekends are all about!  



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