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I am not an expert on wine.  Nor am I a culinary Einstein.  I am just a regular fancy boy out in search of a really good time.  And if you read the stuff I post, I will tell you about the things that I like and those that I do not.  You may agree with me– you may not.  There is only one way to find out.

When I first started writing this blog, I thought it would be a good idea to have a mission.  But mission statements suck.  They are just too confining– scrap that crap.

So this is what I want– a bottle of wine– ok maybe two of those bad boys, like my little jaunty friend to the left, a little charcuterie and a crusty baguette.  And of course, a beautiful woman to share it all with– that would be Ms. R, my co-conspirator in all things fun.  I don’t really need more than that to be done for the night. 

With these few things going my way, it’s very easy to create new memories.  But I also find that old memories bubble to the surface in odd moments.  I may on occasion share some of that stuff from the dark underbelly of remembrance with you. 

Now I don’t know the name of this little guy, who was immortalized in the photograph by Henri Cartier-Bresson.  What I do know is that I have a special affinity for that moment in his life.  Not a care in the world, a bottle of juice in each arm and the admiration of his female contemporaries.  Could life have gotten any better after this moment?  This blog is, in part, about capturing this moment in our personal lives as often as possible through stimulation of the senses.

The Sybarites, were denizens of the city of Sybaris located on the instep of the boot of Italy, who dedicated themselves to lives of luxury and pleasure.  Legend has it that they taught their cavalry horses to rear up and dance when pipes were played.  Good for circuses and a few yuks while waiting for the bad guys to show up.  Bad– indeed, Very Bad, on the battlefield when enemies from nearby Crotonia played pipe music prior to an attack.  Prancing ponies aren’t likely to charge into battle and the Sybarites learned a painful lesson that day as the invading army sliced (literally) through their ranks.  I hope to avoid such pitfalls.  But damn, those dancing horses sure are a lot of fun!

And since the Sybarites are one of our inspirations, we live life just a tiny bit out of control.  Living life with a touch of wreckless abandon has its hazards:  And so sometimes we fall off the bed or get kicked in the head by one of those ponies.  S*** happens…

Posted May 6, 2011 by Sybarite Sauvage

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  1. I’ll just use my imagination and dream that the little girl grew-up to sing O Mio Babbino Caro: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JQKQdwowbok ).
    In the world there are mostly two kinds of people: builders and breakers/creators and destroyers, and I think you appear to be a builder/creator. Keeping it real!

  2. Nice video. I think I’m in love, or at least deep crush, with Sissel. Don’t tell Ms. R– It’s a Sneak-cret!

  3. Hi, We just nominated you for a versatile blogger award. You may get a bunch of these, but FYI. Thanks.


  4. Hello! Just wondering how you and Ms. R are doing. Hope all is well. All the best!
    Cheers, Razel

    • This has been a difficult 6 months to say the least! The cancer you know about. Work has been especially challenging. Then we have each been hit with the year end cold/flu/whathaveyou and a touch of pneumonia for Ms. R. With all that going on, our taste buds are wrecked and so not much use to drink anything except cough syrup and Nyquil. Somehow we are plodding through and are trying to keep the morale up. Boy, are looking forward to 2013! Hope springs eternal, does it not?

      And in case you are thinking it– no, I have not abandoned the blog– just taking a breather and letting some ideas percolate!

  5. I love your blog so… I have nominated it for Blog of the Year Award 2012. I hope you will receive your star and participate in this exciting blog award. For details about participation and receiving your badge icon, please see this post:

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