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Entrance to Darioush Tasting Room


Napa Wine Map: Siverado Trail: Darioush

On our trip out to Napa last year, Ms. R and I stopped at Darioush.  We did not stop there for the wine.  Rather we were there because it has one of the most fun tasting rooms in Napa.  More an upscale bar than a tasting room really, it always seems to be filled with people who know how to have a good time.  If you find yourself in Napa, plan on adding this as a stop.  From the moment you pull up the driveway and see the over-the-top Persian palace inspired decor, to the moment you walk into a lounge with a nice sun-filled vibe, you know this is going to be a different experience.  Is this Vegas or Napa?

Of course, we sampled their wares and in the end brought back a couple of bottles to retaste at home.  After I purchased the wines, I have to admit that I had a little buyer’s remorse, but the deed was done.  I put them in cellar and forgot about them.  Sitting around on a recent weekend evening, with nothing better to do, we entertained ourselves by popping the cork on one of these.   No regrets, no remorse.

Darioush Napa Valley Cabernet Franc 2008 ($58).  Sourced from Darioush estate vineyards in Napa Valley, Oak Knoll and Mount Veeder, aromas of herbs and earth filled our glasses.  Blended with 5% merlot to complement the 95% cab franc, it exhibits concentration of flavor and appropriate complexity, to make the case to justify its price tag.  If you could imagine throwing back a chocolate-raspberry parfait with some black tea and a touch of black pepper, that would begin to describe the experience.  With a long finish accompanied by firm tannins, this was even better than I recalled.  Not exactly a “best buy”, this was still good enough that our evening was very enjoyable indeed.  Rated ***

Posted February 20, 2012 by Sybarite Sauvage in Food-Wine-Love

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