No-Guilt Wednesday Wine: Domaine des Entrefaux Juveniles Crozes-Hermitage 2008   Leave a comment

This little guy doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body.  Neither should you.  Here is this week’s $15 or less offering. 

No-Guilt Wednesday is not about compromising on quality.  It’s all about drinking good wine that does not break the bank, eating good food and of course, it’s about sharing with the ones you love. 

Now and again, we come across a wine that challenges the status quo.  This one doesn’t just throw down the gauntlet– it takes a few swipes at your head first.  Think overripe Australian Shiraz and imagine the anti-Shiraz.  This is that. 

Not that I love overripe Australian Shiraz– but the pendulum went too far in the opposite direction.  Still as a wine to study, it does have a certain allure.  And that counts for something– knowing what we do not like and why we do not like it informs our palates.  That works in relationships, and it works in wine. 

Juveniles Crozes-hermitage 2008Domaine des Entrefaux Juveniles Crozes-Hermitage 2008 ($12) 12.5%.  This 100% syrah was specially produced for the Juveniles Wine Bar in Paris.  One of my suppliers got their hands on some cases of this from what they refer to as “a small, ambitious importer”.  A hint of saffron and herbs mixed with a cedar forest like quality on the nose.  Alternating notes of sun-dried tomato, black pepper and tart fruit.  The palate pushes toward an acidic finish.  Although there are some interesting flavors here, the lack of balance is disappointing.  Now, some folks reading this might actually like this wine.  And while this is not my favorite style, there are still reasons to savor this experience.  So don’t take my word for it– I say, take this girl for a spin with the top down and then tell me why I am wrong.  Still if I had to choose this or a big overripe Shiraz– I’m driving this one home.  She is not like every other girl on the block…Rated * 1/2
 I’m sure the Gauntlet is around here, umm, somewhere…

Posted December 28, 2011 by Sybarite Sauvage in No-Guilt Wednesday

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