No-Guilt Wednesday Wine: Hito C21 RIbera del Duero 2008   4 comments

This little guy doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body.  Neither should you.  Here is this week’s $15 or less offering. 

No-Guilt Wednesday is not about compromising on quality.  It’s all about drinking good wine that does not break the bank, eating good food and of course, it’s about sharing with the ones you love.  

Back to the country of my forefathers, España.  The wines of Ribera del Duero have come on to challenge the wines of Rioja.  Tonight is a great example of the quality that this region which is located north of Madrid can offer in affordable wines. 

Hito C21 Ribera del Duero 2008 14% ($13.50).   My wine merchant turned me onto this little gem of a wine.  Initially, a whiff of mint and cedar box mixed with earth.  This reminded of a tart cherry pie with a savory crust and a touch of spiciness on the finish.  Restraint up front and softly acidic and gently tannic on the back end, this is a balanced and classically styled wine that is big on terroir and distinctively appealing.  Rated **1/2

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Posted November 16, 2011 by Sybarite Sauvage in No-Guilt Wednesday

4 responses to “No-Guilt Wednesday Wine: Hito C21 RIbera del Duero 2008

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  1. What a stupid review. A red wine that tastes like a pie with a savory crust, and mint. This is so ridiculous I think the author put on makeup and a wig and high heels to write the review. Absolutely demented stuff. It’s amazing how stupid people can get over wine. It’s just wine. Just tell us if it tastes good, and then go away.

    • Not the most polite way to express your disagreement with my approach. But I guess we can’t all be angry geniuses, like you, Any.

      While we can both agree that this is fermented grape juice, the folks who make premium wine are looking to put something extra in the bottle that is a higher expression of what wines from specific places can be. That greater expression is what I look for. Otherwise, why bother to pay bigger prices for the good stuff?

      Now, I can’t tell you what you taste. But if all you taste is “just wine”, I wouldn’t bother.

      Look, I don’t demand that you read this blog. But if you’re truly interested in learning more about my take on wine, then come back and visit anytime. Let me know what you think about the stuff you’re drinking or about my views. I’m OK with that even if you respectfully disagree with me. I have an open mind. I hope you do too.

      And hey, if you don’t like what I have to say, or my approach, or you think I’m stupid/demented, or you are having over-active fantasies regarding my masculinity (rookie error, BTW), then take your own advice and “go away”.

  2. I just bought some of this myself based on my wineseller’s recommendation. I’m trying to decide whether to open it or a Victoria Diez-Caballero with tonight’s short rib and polenta. Your post has been valuable in helping me make my decision.
    I’m not sure why someone who thinks that savory pie crust and mint are crazy descriptors is even reading this, btw.

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