Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2007   1 comment

Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2007Sella & Mosca Cannonau di Sardegna Riserva 2007 ($11).  This is one of those bottles that convince us that you don’t need to part with a galleon (or even a BMW) filled with coin of the realm to get a truly interesting and tasty treat.  It was tasted over two nights and the second night even better.  Initially, on the nose I was surprised by a scent of nutmeg-like aromas intermingled aromas of wine aging room (oak barrels mixed with spilt wine).  Finishing with medium tannin and soft acidity, the stuffing in between was a pleasing combination of black plum and cherry baked in a more savory than sweet wrapper.  The producer’s website offers that the Cannonau is oak aged for two years in large Slavonian casks with several additional months in the bottle.  This is the first wine that I have had from Sardinia and it has a strong sense of place.  If you find this try it for the distinctiveness it offers.  A very food-friendly wine.  Rated ** 1/2
What is Cannonau?  As I sipped at this, I was thrown by the bouquet.  Is this the first time I have tasted Cannonau?  Better known in Spain, the land of its origin, as Garnacha and in France as Grenache, I think I may have come across it on one or two (hundred) other occasions.  But never like this and this is one of those surprises that just keeps the intrigue alive for me as a wine drinker.   
And speaking of food, the first night we had this, it was paired with a pasta served with a tomato based meat/mushroom sauce.  It was serviceable.  But that was just like the soprano clearing her throat before the big aria.  On the second night the sweetheart of a wine soared with a grilled tilapia in a white wine-butter-caper sauce.  I can’t explain the chemistry of why this would work better with a white fish than a pasta dish, or why I would even try this with grilled fish.  All I know is that sometimes you take a chance on something and the result you get is greater of than the mere sum of the parts.

The island of Sardinia (a part of Italy) is located off the western coast of Italy.  Sella & Mosca’s I Piani estate in Sardinia constitutes one of the largest contiguous vineyards in Italy and is situated in the northwest corner of Sardinia, just inland from the historic port of Alghero.  
 File:Sardinia in Italy.svgFile:Sardegna.svg

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