No-Guilt Wednesday Wine: Domaine de Pajot Cotes de Gascogne Les Quatre Cépages 2010   Leave a comment

This little guy doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body.  Neither should you.  Every Wednesday (though it could be Tuesday or Thursday) I will write-up a wine that I feel delivers good value for drinking in the middle of the week.  Aside from quality, my only other criteria is price.  To start, less than $15, but ideally less than $10, for a 750 ml bottle. 

I will also add any recipes that I paired with the wine.  I hope to leave you with a recipe that you can use to match up with a wine of your choice if you can’t locate the one I recommend.

No-Guilt Wednesday is not about compromising on quality.  It’s about all about drinking good wine that does not break the bank, eating good food and of course, it’s about sharing with the ones you love.  

Today’s wine is a French white from Gascogne (or Gascony) in southwestern France.  

Domaine de Pajot Cotes de Gascogne Les Quatre Cépages 2010 ($8).  A winning blend of  four varieties of grapes: Colombard, Ugni-Blanc, Sauvignon, and Gros-Manseng.  Citrus and apricot notes mixed with wetted stone dominate the nose.  Mouth-watering citrus and half-ripened peach fills the mouth.  Refreshing, juicy, perfectly leveled by the right amount of acidity.  Pure happiness.  A great price.  Rated ** 1/2

Serve this with smoked salmon on blinis. 






Posted August 4, 2011 by Sybarite Sauvage in No-Guilt Wednesday

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