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You want a picnic wine?  How about a warm-summer-day-on-the-deck-wine?  Here it is.   After I wrote the review, I had this with slices of a spicy Italian sausage and it did not seem to be a bit overwhelmed.  In fact, even a little bit better.

Sometimes, you just want to drink something that you don’t want to over-think.  Yep, I know, that whole notion runs counter to one of the premises of this blog.  My bad, so here’s our review:

El Coto Blanco Rioja 2009 ($9).  Made from 100% viura grapes farmed in Rioja Alavesa, it wears a pale straw-colored robe.  On the nose, soft florals dominate offering whispers alternating between jasmine and citrus.  An almost salty-like minerality prevails giving the wine a refreshing quality.  Not a particularly terrific finish.  But very quaffable indeed.  Rated **

But I think that this could also be much better with raw oysters on the half-shell.  Now that suggestion is pure speculation, because the Sybarite Sauvage’s larder was absent such bivalave mollusks.  Did I hear someone mention shrimp cocktail?  Yeah, it’s summer– you try it and let me know.

Did someone say viura?  What is that?  Viura which is alternately known as Macabeo is a varietal grown in Spain and is often blended with other varietals as it makes its way into the cavas (the Spanish sparkling wine) that I generally favor over champagne.  So sue me.

Want to learn more about Viura from someone who really knows what she’s talking about?  See Jancis Robinson’s discussion at http://www.jancisrobinson.com/articles/a201001042.html

Posted July 10, 2011 by Sybarite Sauvage in Food-Wine-Love

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